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Wrong Way Corrigan

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@wwaycorrigan A sure-fire way to ensure you get the blood up of a large section of readers is to start off a blog post quoting Donald J. Trump. So here goes. The US president tweeted the other day in relation to coronavirus and the measures being taken to control it that(...)

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@wwaycorrigan In a previous episode of The Colombia Cast, the ‘Colombianised’ British-born historian Malcolm Deas said, in response to a question about his love for Colombia: ‘One doesn’t love countries, one loves people and dogs and cats and that sort of(...)

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@wwaycorrigan OK, you might say ‘Oh here he goes again, throwing his toys out of the pram. Be grateful for what you have. Many locals would jump at the chance to be in your position.’ I understand that. What’s more, compared to said locals, other colleagues that(...)

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