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Wrong Way Corrigan

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@wwaycorrigan OK, you might say ‘Oh here he goes again, throwing his toys out of the pram. Be grateful for what you have. Many locals would jump at the chance to be in your position.’ I understand that. What’s more, compared to said locals, other colleagues that(...)

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@wwaycorrigan Back in mid-2009 during my few weeks travelling around South-East Asia a German I met, a guy who had been in the region for some time, introduced me to the initialism AFW. After seeing my relative excitement about the prospect of visiting another impressive Buddhist(...)

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@wwaycorrigan Picture the scene. You’re a checkout operator and you’ve just finished with one customer, a lady who left a small bag of vegetables at the cash register, something she decided she didn’t want. There’s only one other person to be served in a(...)

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