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Fabián Salazar Guerrero. Theologian. Director INTERFE Foundation.


Life is always the greatest gift and the most beautiful opportunity to feel the fullness of human and divine existence; but fear, in different moments of our lifes, does not allow us to enjoy the possibilities of love, of feeling, of joyful and discovering new opportunities. Walk the first step towards your own dreams is usually the most difficult, but once you have the courage to move forward, the path appears by itself.

Here you are some tips to walk the first step:

Look around and confess if you are happy, if your  life makes sense, if there is still something to do, or if you feel an unspeakable frustration; and if the answer does not please you then review what is happening in your own life that does not allow to enjoy it fully. This is a deep exercise about honesty and self-love.

Accept that change is possible. Getting out of the inertia that habit produces, the comfortable routine, the tendency to do the same, going back to where we feel safe, blaming others for their own unhappiness, resigning ourselves with regret can lead us to a deep sensation of empty heart and soul. To confront these unhappiness moments require adding to our lives some risks, to make a jump into faith , a new opportunity and  trust in our own abilities. Nobody can make decisions for you.

Achieve to the affective support network itself. Trying to walk can keep us to feel alone, but in the real life we have a network of people who love us, who support us, who trust in what we do and who expect the best for us. And it is also hard to say, but if a person can not keep up with us, he may no longer be with us and it may be necessary to find new companions on the way.

Lightweight luggage. It is difficult to move forward carrying grudges, pains, or rages in the heart, it is time to leave behind the weight of the pain and decide to forgive. The privilege of forgiveness begins by forgiving oneself, by recognizing oneself, valuing oneself and strengthening self-esteem. Leaving the chains of the past will not only allow walking but also fly through the heaven of your live.

Close the cycles. Closing with love each stage brings the seeds for the prosperity of new opportunities, new spaces, people who arrive and unprecedented ways to experience the world. To close the cycles is to recognize that people, situations, jobs, places already fulfilled their mission to teach us but that it is not necessary to retain them, because we are capable of building new horizons, of new routes, of renewed emotions and the most important is to give us the opportunity to start again to be happy.

Look forward with trust. It is never too late to fulfill the dreams, to achieve the goals, to find the right person, the work we deserve, the longed for life, the desired learning, the spaces sought and so that in our face we can draw a deep smile and a full look. of brightness to achieve your own goals. Dreams have no expiration date.

Walk step by step strongly. Once the walk has begun, the goal is not to run, but to maintain the rhythm of progress with firmness, determination and constancy; for this it is necessary to congratulate and celebrate continuously for the achievements obtained. Many are afraid to move forward for fear of losing everything or fear of pain, on the contrary, advancing gives new joys and satisfactions that deserve to be celebrated at each advance in the journey that we have drawn.

A permanent gratitude. To be thankful for the experience and to thank in trust for the future is key for having a path full of prosperity and health. It is also essential not to forget those who helped us walk and return their kindness and affection with generosity. To thank even before having achieved the goal, is to give it the energy so that the desires of our heart realize.

Improve our Spiritual life. Advancing on the path is to take with generosity the faith, hope and love of the infinite source that is God and to be every day the best version of ourselves. God and his angels become travel companions to never leave us alone.

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El teólogo Fabián Salazar Guerrero, ha dedicado gran parte de su vida al estudio de diversas denominaciones religiosas, visitando varios países y compartiendo enseñanzas con líderes de diferentes tradiciones espirituales. Su labor como consultor, junto a su reconocida trayectoria como investigador y profesor Universitario de Teología, le ha permitido acompañar procesos de integración interconfesional y reconciliación. Actualmente dirige la fundación para el diálogo y la cooperación Intereligiosa INTERFE y se desempeña profesionalmente como consejero espiritual personal y empresarial.

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