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Wrong Way Corrigan

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@wwaycorrigan While born and raised on a farm in the west of Ireland, it would be quite a stretch to say that my upbringing was one where I lived completely off the land in some sort of idyllic, symbiotic relationship with nature. No. For one, we rarely directly consumed any of(...)

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@wwaycorrigan Those idealistic at heart may have thought that in a world connected as never before, the arrival of a common enemy of humankind would unite us as never before. You know, like in the Independence Day movie when the aliens attack, we rally together, led, of course,(...)

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@wwaycorrigan A sure-fire way to ensure you get the blood up of a large section of readers is to start off a blog post quoting Donald J. Trump. So here goes. The US president tweeted the other day in relation to coronavirus and the measures being taken to control it that(...)

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